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Presentation for Performance with Emma Weinert


Dressage is a very visual sport, whenever you catch a glimpse of what you look like in a mirror or a photo you must like what you see. Look the part to feel it, and when you feel it, it affects your attitude towards your work in a positive way. It sounds very superficial but the visual aesthetic of how your presented allows you to be focused because you are in a confident mindset. 


Here is something important to consider... The less movement on the rider and horse gear the better. Try not to wear anything that flaps around or is distracting for the judge. You want everything to be neat, tidy and professional looking. No flapping collars on jackets, billowy stock ties, earrings, hair, buttons, saddle pads etc. Try to get thick saddle pads and stiff fabrics on anything that has potential to move around.


Pictured is Emma Weinert riding Zidane.


When it comes to the small details, it is all to do with the overall impression you give, mostly in the competition arena. The judges have a very trained eye to detail in presentation. Not only for looks but for practical reasons too. 


This goes for you and your horse! Create a whole picture of perfection. A lot of people think that it has to cost a lot of money to look the part. I can safely say that it definitely does not. Of course there are products like helmets, boots and jackets that are expensive but keep in mind they are a longterm investment and there are many ways to find good bargains and second hand items. Shop smarter!!


When it comes to my horses I have them in ‘show condition’ all the time. I make sure I pay super close attention to they presentation constantly. Once a month I will trim them all, too tidy up their hair on their ears, socks, feathers, tails, manes pulled , birdie paths, chins, withers and anything else that needs neatening. It is super handy to do this because when a competition comes around its not such a big venture to get ready. it becomes routine and habit. My personal opinion is that if I have a horse that is shabby I cannot focus ha ha... I see a mane that needs pulling and it becomes all that I think about. It is just nice to have everything to look nice and neat. 



Pictured is Emma Weinert riding Lightfeet owned by Nova Equestrian.


Everyone has their own competition preparation rituals. Like many I have a ‘must have’ list of equipment for every competition that I cannot live without! 


Emma Weinert Competition MUST HAVES


  • FAT MAX ROLLING TACK BOX. I keep a rolling tack box specifically for my show gear. Nothing gets removed from it that isn’t immediately put back. This way I know exactly everything that I have and am never caught off guard at shows. It is also filled with emergency items like pins, sharpies, extra curb chains, spur straps etc.


  • HOLE PUNCH. ALWAYS handy to have when leather snaps or emergency situations.


  • BABY OIL. For nose, lips, eyes and ears and hooves if needed!


  • WHITE COAT SPRAY. For white socks! I also purple shampoo all whites on horses to make them look extra sharp.


  • BRAIDING WAX. Or quick braid spray. This keeps the fly aways at bay and gives an overall more professional look


  • SPARE... curb chain & leather parts. We always need extras around in case we lose something or something breaks so I just keep old or extras in the show trunk.


  • WINDEX. For crystal browbands. Windex makes the crystal browbands shiny like new!


  • METAL POLISH.  cream for spurs and bits.


  • FLY SPRAY. I always use an extra strong fly spray at horse shows and really cover the horses in it right before you get on. There’s nothing worse that the horses trying to shake off a fly mid test!


  • EAR BONNET. Noise cancelling and normal. This can be a great tool for noise sensitive horses or distracted horses!


  • EAR PLUGS. for presentation ceremony. This is a life saver for CDI presentation ceremonies!


  • SPARE...  Saddle pad incase show one gets dropped or dirty


  • BAILING TWINE. For everything. I don’t know how many emergency situations bailing twine has saved the day! Keep it around!


  • STUD CHAIN. I always keep one handy in my show trunk incase the horses become too much and it becomes an unsafe situation.


  • SPARE... Halter and lead in trailer (always). Always handy if halters break and you’re totally stuck.


  • SHEEPSKIN MITT. Sheepskin mitt for removing final dust layer when grooming. I use a sheepskin mitt for the final going over before jumping on at the show.


  • BRAIDING APRON. With hair clip, sectioning comb, elastics, waxed thread, thick blunt sewing needle, hair spray. Makes life so much easier when you have all of your braiding equipment easily accessible. I’m all about reducing hassles and unneeded stress.


  • MIRROR. Check your collars, stock tie is straight, hair is neat and tidy. First impressions matter!


Show gear rider:

  • SPARE... White breeches. No one needs to have a spillage of something on those pristine white breeches and not have an emergency pair!!


  • SPARE... Stock tie and keep some pins handy in case a new stock tie likes to ride out of your coat!


  • HAIR SPONGE. I use a hair sponge for my bun at shows. It gives a nice polished look and keeps your hair contained. I wrap it with a hairnet. Finish it with bobby pins and a good dousing of hair spray! Flyaway hair is totally distracting and not a good look!


  • HAIR NET. Multiple!


  • BOBBY PINS AAND HAIR SPRAY. bunch of pins for wardrobe malfunctions - always comes in handy!


  • COMPRESSION UNDER GARMENTS. To smooth lines under jackets or breeches.


Presentation doesn't just have to be for the competition arena! I love to have everything neat, and looking its best at home everyday. Doesn't have to be ultra fancy, it just needs to do its job, be practical, and look appealing. It just makes you think so much more positively when everything is done right and looks nice. Allows your focus to be on the training instead of all the things you should fix later. Remember, it's all for you! Make yourself feel good and confident.

Pictured is Emma Weinert riding Zidane. 





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