Gold Performance Program 
with Brett Parbery

Train with confidence, compete with joy!


Find enjoyment in your sport on a whole new level and finally feel empowered to lead your own training and progress through the levels.

The 2024 Gold Program is our power-packed pathway of the game-changing Dressage Breakthrough program in intensive format, PLUS the Gold Performance Program that everyone's talking about!

This is your chance to be taught and mentored by Brett Parbery and his team including CDI 3* Grand Prix winner Emma Weinert, FEI judge Kristi Wysocki, Mindset Coach Tanja Mitton, and Fitness Coach Fiona Hargraves.

Join 200 fellow Goldies  who enjoyed world's best training support, competition mentoring, mindset coaching and rider athlete development guidance with our internationally renowned team led by Brett Parbery, and see for yourself how with the right support, you and your horse can go further than you thought possible this year.


Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024


Are you ready to breakthrough the feeling you're ...

  • letting your horse down
  • stuck at the same level for years
  • lost when training by yourself
  • isolated without access to the right trainers for you
  • that you're missing something in your training
  • flustered from conflicting advice from trainers 
  • frustrated not getting the scores you feel you work hard for 
  • alone in the sport without a great community around you
  • wasting money and time 

The solution isn't going to more clinics, more competitions, swapping trainers AGAIN, or getting random tips from youtube.

We can help you build a system of horse-friendly and smart training that is YOURS, so you understand what to do, when, and why, and understand what trainers are trying to achieve so you can benefit so much more from your lessons.


Our mission is to empower YOU to be an effective trainer, rider, and competitor!

You've probably found yourself wondering...
what am I missing? 


We're going to go out on a limb here, based on experience with 1000+ students in this program and thousands more in-person over 25+ years...

You've been trying to learn complex training, horsemanship, and biomechanics concepts all from the saddle, during ridden lessons (it can't be done)

You've expected your coach to be your entire support team... sport coach, horse trainer, mindset coach, wellbeing coach, mentor (coaches are amazing but they're not magicians)

You haven't put together a community around you to support and lift you through your journey (this is essential!)

You've randomly pieced together a training "plan" from bits and pieces you've learned (no doubt confusing you and your horse)


What you're missing is the knowledge to curate and execute your own training plan, and well-rounded support to help you along the way.



AND the support you'll need to not only implement the system, but completely make it your OWN so it's there ready for you every day in training when hurdles pop up, in every warm up arena when you're feeling under pressure, and in every competition arena.

You invest way too much money and time on your riding to not make it work for you!

Imagine minimising or eliminating the confusion about what you should be working on, when, and how. Although we can give you the system, we're ALL about empowering you to take control of the development of you and your horse as athletes. This is exactly what The Gold Program is about!

Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024

I found my way to the pinnacle of dressage by befriending, training with, and carefully listening to, the best trainers in the world like Ulla Salzgeber, Hubertus Schmidt, and Edward Gal. From there, I've experimented over many many years, I've thought long and hard, and I've taught thousands of riders. Eventually, I carefully curated a system of training, derived from what I think is the best of the main global systems, and I've run it through a filter of the knowledge of horsemanship I gained through growing up with a professional horse trainer father. The result is horse-friendly, simple (not easy, but simple) and so effective that it not only got me to the top-10 at the World Equestrian Games, but it's helped many hundreds of people in my programs, and it can help you too.

- Brett Parbery

From first test to National Champion!

"As a rider without a coach, this Program has given me confidence in my training strategy and changed the way I ride to be more effective and more enjoyable.

Prior to 2022 I only competed in dressage occasionally. In 2022 my young mare went from her first start to Australian AOR Preliminary Champion and winner of the Dressage NSW Annual Award for Preliminary! We were also in the top handful at Novice level. Next year we aim for Elementary and Medium."

Libby Guest

From Elementary to Prix St George!

"I began this program in Elementary, l am now riding Prix St George and working towards Inter 1. The program has helped me set solid goals, be accountable for my training, and has given me the ability to analyse both successes and speed bumps so I can continue moving in the right direction. The mindset training and the support within the group and trainers has been especially valuable! The road to success is often bumpy but the group provides ways to assist riders to navigate their way through, no matter what the level."

Melissa Boekel

"From Preliminary to Medium!"

"The program has given me a clear system to structure my daily rides and assist me to stay calm at comps. I don’t have a regular coach and being busy and regional I don’t travel for clinics. I have learnt to be my own coach which is useful in the warm up as I can stay focused. My mare and I have gone from Preliminary to competing Medium and training Advanced in the time I have been in the program. The community is amazing and we all share our highs and struggles."

Liz Watkins

YOU have
 the passion to become the best rider and trainer you can be. You’re a thinking rider and you love learning and getting to a deeper level of understanding about your sport.

We have the tools, support and community you need to become that rider you want to be. 

Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024

The 2023 Gold Program includes a 6-week Bootcamp in which you'll study Brett's Dressage Breakthrough training system and dip your toe in the broader Gold Program, then you're a fully fledged Goldie enjoying everything the program has to offer.

Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024
First stop in your Gold Program Bootcamp...

Dressage Breakthrough

Brett's game-changing dressage training program


  • Learn a system of training your horse¬†including Brett's entire training system broken down in a way you will eventually turn into your own system, in your own words, that you can use in every training session and competition.
  • Gain new awareness about your aids¬†including conflicting aids and refinement of timing and application to make your communication much more clear to your horse
  • Understand the biomechanics of your horse¬†so you know when and how your actions are influencing your horse.
  • Become confident to train by yourself¬†and stop sabotaging your efforts because you don't have as much access to trainers that you'd like to have.

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with a huge extra invaluable resource... BRETT and his A-team!

Unlike other courses and programs that leave you without so much as an email address to reach out to... Brett and his team are with you throughout the entire program.




On Fridays from the end of January you'll receive your weekly lesson module, each covering one topic from the training system. Each of the five lesson modules contains a combination of video, audio, and workbook. 


Join Brett weekly for discussion on the topic of the week and to have your questions answered. Seminars are all recorded so you can catch up later (or watch again).

Dressage Breakthrough Lesson Modules

Then in March you move into the full

Gold Performance Program

The one everyone's talking about!
This is an inclusive high-performance program for passionate competition riders of all levels.


  • Work regularly with Brett to go deeper into training topics and watch him demonstrate key techniques and strategies, then discuss further with him in live sessions.
  • Enjoy expert advice and feedback when you need it, be it video review or discussion about a challenge you're facing.
  • Experience being fully supported¬†by a team of coaches and mentors plus a beautiful likeminded community, you won't believe what a huge difference this makes!
  • Upgrade yourself as a riding athlete¬†with professional support in mindset and athlete development.

Becoming a 'Goldie' will be the most fun, stimulating, and supportive thing you'll do this year for your riding!



You're going to




It's impossible to share here everything that's in the Gold Program, but this is a good starting point!


Each month Brett sets a training topic for the month, along with a demonstration/instruction video, followed by a live seminar to discuss the concepts further and answer questions and challenges. Emma seals the deal with a related training challenge!


You'll be invited to join a smaller group Training Huddle live discussion with Brett or Emma once a month, at a level relevant to you. This laser-focus session will help you to identify the key areas to focus on for progression and refinement.


Every month our in-house FEI 4* judge Kristi Wysocki from the US will judge and provide feedback on ridden tests. She's also available in the support group to answer pressing questions as they arise.


Join a coaching program with our in-house Rider Fitness Coach Fiona Hargraves who focuses on your physical development as rider athlete and your vital role as one third of the 'six legged athlete'.


Well-loved mindset coach Tanja Mitton uncovers layers of limitations we're putting on ourselves that are contributing to training and competition challenges, in her mindset coaching program.


Each month we welcome world class riders and experts including Olympians and horse behaviour and management experts.

Let's Talk Team

We've put together an incredible team for you!

Brett Parbery


The pinnacle of Brett's dressage achievements was in 2010, in which he finished 10th in the World Cup Final, 6th at Aachen CHIO, 3rd at Rotterdam CHIO and winning the Grand Prix Special at Hickstead. With his top horse Victory Salute, an Australian horse bred and owned by Carolyn Lieutenant, Brett completed the 2010 season with an 8th place at the World Games in Lexington, Kentucky.

Brett has over 30 individual Australian Championships under his belt across all levels including 4 x Australian Grand Prix Champion. He has also represented Australia at the World Games in Tryon 2018. In 2008 and 2016 Brett earned a spot in the final 5 for selection to the Olympic Games, with misfortune on each occasion denying the opportunity. At the London Olympics, Brett was on staff as the Dressage Coach to the Australian Eventing Team and after dressage had the team well positioned in 1st place over all 5 team scores.

Having trained extensively with the world's best trainers including Ulla Salzgeber and Hubertus Schmidt, Brett has curated his own rider and horse-friendly system that he teaches here under the Performance Riders umbrella.


Emma Weinert


When Grand Prix CDI 3* winner Emma wrapped up her 12 years training and working alongside Olympian Steffen Peters in California, we snapped her up in an instant! Emma's passion, enthusiasm and encouragement is surpassed only by her profound knowledge of training dressage horses.

With an eye for detail, Emma provides exceptional expert feedback for riders in both Dressage Breakthrough and the Gold Program.


Kristi Wysocki

FEI 4* judge from the USA, Kristi judges videoed tests for our Gold Program riders, giving invaluable feedback in a way only Kristi can do!


Tanja Mitton

Renowned equestrian specialist mindset coach is on your team this year to peel away layers of behaviours and upgrade your belief system.


Fiona Hargraves

University lecturer and Sports Scientist Fiona is turning her attention this year to empowering you to be the 'rider athlete' you want to be.


Nat Foxon

FEI rider and Performance Riders co-founder leads the delivery of the programs and is always your #1 cheerleader.

2024 Gold Performance Program

Our power-duo pathway of the game-changing training course Dressage Breakthrough during 'Bootcamp' then the Gold Performance Program that everyone's talking about. The combination is designed to give you intensive information and more importantly, holistic support from an expert team.

Enrolments close Friday 19 January 2024



Most Flexible

$199 AUD

Monthly Membership

Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024

Best Value

$1997 AUD

Annual payment upfront

Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024

7 day money-back guarantee

We are confident that you’ll love this program and it will change the way you train and compete… but if you’re feeling uncertain, you can rest assured that we have an iron-clad guarantee that makes this a 100% no-risk investment.

If you try out the program and¬†decide that it‚Äôs not for you,¬†just let us know within 7 days and we'll refund 100% of your tuition¬†‚Äď no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes.¬†

That’s how confident we are in the quality of this program!

Join now and feel confident in your decision with our 7 Day Guarantee.


"First class!"

I started in the program after the AOR Nationals in 2019. I’ve gone from Medium to Small Tour, training towards Medium Tour with one horse and from Novice to training Medium with the other. It’s been a fantastic journey since joining and I love how the program keeps developing and expanding along with its Goldies. The program has helped me to become a more thinking and focused rider. I love the intellectual content and the down to earth delivery. Brett, Nat and all the team are absolute professionals, the Goldies are a supportive and knowledgeable group, and the program is first class!


"Wonderfully supportive!"

Since joining this wonderfully supportive program in 2020, Elvis and I have achieved Elementary scores of 72%+, progressed to competing Medium at State level and for 2023 will be training towards Advanced and PSG...this unique program truly makes it achievable!


"Blows my mind!"

Being a Goldie I have gone from Elementary to Medium. I had never trained a flying change and to achieve this was such an achievement for me. And the Goldie community was right there with me, supporting and encouraging me!! The depth of learning I have gained from this awesome program blows my mind and wish everyone would join it.


"First year at FEI!"

This wonderful program addresses every aspect of the equestrian journey. The importance of not just training our equine partners but also how we view / treat ourselves as athletes. I was stuck feeling like an 'ok' Novice rider but felt like such a try-hard everywhere else. With access to experts here and across the world it is a game-changing program. From mindset coaches, vets, equine nutritionalists, riders competing at the highest levels, and the support and knowledge of fellow Goldies, 2023 will be my first year ever at FEI level and I am so excited. I now feel confident with the goals I am setting myself. Love this program!

I finally understand what the core basics are that make up movements so now I have the tools to break higher level movements down and work out where the holes are that were stopping us from moving forward. This is also helping me train my next up and coming horse a lot quicker now that I have this information in my tool belt. This program has changed my attitude to training and my attitude to life.


After joining Goldies late 2021, I was brave enough to qualify, enter and attend the Australian Dressage Championships. Finished top 10 and so glad to have achieved a long held goal. Thanks to Goldies program.


My journey in Dressage started over 30 years ago, never going beyond Prelim/Novice. Since becoming a student of this program I have now successfully competed up to Elementary and about to make the jump up to Medium. With the knowledge I have gained through the program and support from Brett and team I also placed top 3 in Dressage QLD AAOR End of year Awards in 2021. I never thought the results I've been receiving would ever be possible and it's all thanks to this fantastic program.


Being a Goldie has confirmed for me that the goal is Grand Prix and it’s ok to have that as a goal even as a newbie that lacks confidence at the higher levels, because it is all about the enjoyment of the journey and the training system to get there. I no longer feel stuck in a certain level and the Goldies program has given me the confidence to be the master of my own journey and to play with training the higher levels 


I'm ready to join

Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024

Still Got Questions?

2024 Gold Performance Program

Our power-duo pathway of the game-changing training course Dressage Breakthrough plus the Gold Performance Program that everyone's talking about. The combination is designed to give you intensive information and more importantly, holistic support from an expert team.

Enrolments close Friday 19 January 2024


Most Flexible

$199 AUD

12 x Monthly Payments

Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024

Best Value

$1997 AUD

One-off payment upfront

Enrolments are now closed until mid 2024

7 day money-back guarantee

If you try out the program and¬†decide that it‚Äôs not for you,¬†just let us know within 7 days and we'll refund 100% of your tuition¬†‚Äď no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes.¬†

That’s how confident we are in the quality of this program!

Join now and feel confident in your decision with our 7 Day Guarantee.


"As a professional dressage trainer, l believe in this approach 110%. I cannot recommend the Gold Program enough!"