Brett Parbery's 
Test Riding


A must-have for anyone competing in

USDF or Equestrian Australia dressage.




"I watched Brett’s training video 

of him riding the test, twice a day everyday. 

On comp day I channeled my inner Brett,

remembering his instructions as I rode

and we rode a fabulous test!"

- Louise.





Each level comprises three videos of Brett riding each test, with his comments the entire way through about what he's focusing on, how he's setting up the movements, and the geometry within the arena.

These videos are an excellent resource for anyone wanting to compete at Equestrian Australia or USDF dressage levels.

Choose your level, or purchase the whole set. 


"Very pleased to win both tests with personal best scores!! Three individual judges gave us over 70%. The tests felt really good and the demonstration videos were invaluable (I watched them a lot!!)" - Karen.

"I have Brett’s running commentary in my head as I’m riding which is great.... it drowns out any negative thoughts that can come blasting through with the competition nerves!"


"Such a great learning tool. Such a beautiful rider and loving the explanations of what he was feeling/ thinking. These are so very valuable."



"These are so helpful, they really help me focus on the process. I re-listen while I'm saddling up."




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USDF Training Level
EA Preliminary

3 x Test Riding Videos

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USDF First Level
EA Novice

3 x Test Riding Videos

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USDF Second Level
EA Elementary

3 x Test Riding Videos

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USDF Third Level
EA Medium

3 x Test Riding Videos

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USDF Fourth Level
EA Advanced

3 x Test Riding Videos

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All-Levels Bundle

15 x Test Riding Videos

Buy now $299