Self Study Mini Program

Brett Parbery's

Solo Success System

Working with a great coach is helpful vital,
but what about the other 90% of the time you're
in the saddle training solo?

Enrol now and study at your own pace.

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What to expect

6 x Lessons

Each lesson contains an audio lesson and worksheet leading you through an essential step in the Solo Success System.

Video Seminar

In the final lesson you'll join Brett for a recorded video workshop that dives deep into implementation of the system.

Loved every minute!

"This program took me from 'everything needs to improve' to being confident approaching my riding systematically and focusing on the ingredients of the training." - Claire

Daily Success Plan

The Solo Success System consist of 6 modules, and each day covering a different topic, with worksheets to support you in your learning.

Work through the Solo Success system at your own pace. Although we recommend one lesson per day, you can binge-study or take it at your own pace.


Lesson One

Make a Plan: How to figure out what you need to work on

Lesson Two 

Break it Down: You know what you need to do, now how to do it!?

Lesson Three

Visualise to Materialise: Turbo-charge your training

Lesson Four

The Art of Self-Assessment: Analyse and finesse your own training

Lesson Five

Confident Corrections: How to make the right decisions when troubleshooting

Lesson Six

Using the System: How to implement what you've learned and keep reaping the rewards

This is a no-brainer for every dressage rider

We'll be covering a wide range of information on the system for achieving a productive ride, every ride, so that by the end of the 6-days you can more confidently train in between your coached sessions. Each time we run this training event it's a smash-hit, and now it's available to enjoy at your own pace.

Join Now $19